by Humankind is a personal care brand that cares.We are dedicated to reducing our global dependence on single-use plastic by creating personal care products that are healthier for your body and our planet.

Our products are designed to reduce your single-use plastic footprint by 90% or more, just by getting ready in the, we send you —
Your refillable container—or reusable pump—and your first refill. Your container is free if you subscribe.ongoing, we send you —
Convenient refills on your schedule. Subscribe & save or reorder as needed.Subscription refills arrive in 2-Packs with 10% off. You can customize your refill frequency anytime through your account.

Yes! We are a proudly carbon-neutral company as of November 2019. The plastic crisis and the climate crisis are parallel challenges facing humankind, but they are also deeply linked. To provide solutions to one crisis while contributing to another never sat right with us.To offset the carbon emissions created by our supply chains, production, office space, and fulfillment — we teamed up with our friends at Pachama, a group of California-based engineers and scientists who, like us, believe that restoring forests represents the most effective solution to recapture carbon from the atmosphere and reverse the effects of climate change. Pachama helps connect forest project developers with carbon offset buyers like us. Currently, our carbon offsets are supporting two exciting projects — the Manoa REDD+ project in Brazil and the Hudson Farm Improved Forest Management Project in New Jersey.

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