Stirling soap was born out of a desire for all-natural soap free of harmful chemicals at a fair price. The majority of their soaps are 100% natural and all fragrance oils are guaranteed to be safe and vegan-friendly. When possible, they have used labels which are 100% post consumer waste content.

The wrapping on their bath soaps and refill/sample-size shave soaps is made of biolefin, a plastic that naturally reduces to biomass in 2-5 years (unlike normal plastic that takes hundreds of years to biodegrade). All of the ingredients in their soap are safe to the environment as well as to you and your family. We also use sustainable palm oil that does not contribute to deforestation or the destruction of animal habitats. Don’t be surprised to see finely shredded newspapers, shredded boxes, or shredded junk mail used as packing material when you receive your package.  That's just their way of reusing material to be friendly to our environment as well as keeping overhead down.

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