noissue was founded to provide makers, brands and businesses of all sizes access to custom, sustainable packaging.

The noissue difference is characterized by our commitment to sustainability for all our products, our simple online design platform, and our low minimum order quantities.

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Compostable packaging is typically made from a number of renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers.

To be certified home compostable, a product must break down in home compost within 180 days and 90 days in commercial composting conditions.

Why it’s awesome?

Cardboard and paper products are a great addition to the backyard compost as it helps with the carbon-nitrogen ratio. Easily broken down in a compost, these products also tend to have chemical compounds removed from the product.

Ensuring Success

Sometimes people don’t notice that something is compostable, meaning it can sometimes end up in the landfill. If you don’t have a home compost, you can look at local options for communal compost sites, or somewhere you can drop off items for commercial composting.

noissue is on a mission to make sustainable packaging accessible to businesses, brands and makers no matter their size and to reduce waste by offering packaging that is reusable, compostable or made from recycled materials.

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