Eco-Friendly Swiffer Alternative

Browse the cleaning aisles of any Target, Walmart, or even grocery store and you are bound to see a wall of Swiffer products.

Though the Swiffer mop's designers claim that the design uses less water, energy, and toxins than a conventional mop are they still the greenest option for keeping your home clean?

Not exactly.

Swiffer mops are the cleaning version of K-cups, they're convenient but they do exact a toll on the planet.

Why is a Swiffer bad for the environment?

Swiffers were game-changing when they first came out in the 1990s, there is no denying that.

I mean, how many household products have become a verb? From dorm rooms to high rises, Swiffer products are prolific. They're also harmful for the environment.

But we can't ignore the fact that single-use mop pads create waste, and lots of it. This means that the Swiffer mops that you throw out are staying in a landfill for a pretty long time and as they break down, they will break down into smaller particles which can make their way into the soil or ocean.

Here's a few "quick hits":

  • Swiffer cleaning products contain fragrances and other harmful ingredients, when vaporized these chemicals can cause headaches, asthma, and a host of other conditions
  • Other ingredients in Swiffer products have been known to increase resistance to antibiotics
  • Swiffer mops and dusters are made on non-biodegradable materials - meaning once they're in the trash they will be sitting in a landfill for a very long time
  • Swiffer pads are made of polyester, a material derived from fossil fuels

Need we go on? It's no wonder that EWG gives Swiffer an F rating for their negative environmental impact.

Suddenly those quick and convenient mops are looking a bit hazardous. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your home dust-free and your floors clean without doing damage to the environment (or your health!).

The best eco-friendly Swiffer alternatives

1) Juniper Seed Mercantile sweeper pads

Price: $24.00

Materials: Made from cotton chenille fabric, these work as a disposable mopping pad substitute as well as dry dusting

Brand ethics: Juniper Seed Mercantile is a small business based in Colorado, while they primarily serve their local communities they have an online store shipping around the country. They create all their products locally and are committed to finding sustainable alternatives to common single-use products.

These cloths are made out of thick cotton chenille fabric, and are just as good as the dry disposable mopping pads for dry dusting, but they really SHINE as a damp mop pad.  Simply dampen the cloth with floor cleaner or soapy water or whatever you like to use, attach to your mop and go to town.  Or, you can spray your cleaner right onto the floor and use the cloth to mop it dry.  Wash separately before use.  Approximate size of pad is 12″ by 9″ (allows for about 1/2″ shrinkage). Fits mop head size 11″ by 5″.

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2) Easily Greener mop pads

Price: $13.99

Materials: Made from microfiber cloth.

Brand ethics: Easily Greener sells through Amazon, Walmart, and other large e-commerce retailers. We cannot find any information on their ethics as a company.

Easily Greener mop pads resemble microfiber cloths with the convenience that comes from a Swiffer mop. These pads are made to fit Swiffer sweepers, and are reusable and machine washable allowing you to eliminate your waste from Swiffer refills.

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Why we like these green alternatives